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Week 12 – My all time motto “No Pain, No Gain”

Photo by Kyle Johnson

“No Pain, No Gain”

It is the motto that motivates me all the time. It inspired me in bodybuilding, motivate me in studying, alerts me when I am too comforted in life. When I was 16, 17, I was a skinny guy in school. Back then I was in the school basketball team, I spent most of my time on training and practice. In order to improve my physique in court, I started to workout at the gym. At first, I went to the gym twice a week. I always thought I would rather go on court practice than go to the gym until my first injury happened. That was a regular season game, I stole the ball from the opponent and attempted a layup, suddenly, a man on the side bumped into me and bumped me out to the court. I lost balance and fall into the ground, eventually, I hurt my legs and arms. I took a long break to recover from injury. At that point, I realized that I need to take workout seriously and started my training programme. 

I started to work out at a small community gym. It was a good place to start the workout, no one was there, a simple and quiet place to let me concentrate my workout. I was struggling so much at the beginning, muscle pain and sore all over my body. The pain from the muscle stopped me from going to the gym every time, but I kept telling myself, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. It is the key to achieve anything, not only in bodybuilding but also as a person a general. Nothing’s can stop you from doing what you love as long as you put you afford on it, work your ass off it. Your result will definitely come to you. There is no shortcut in bodybuilding, actually, in everything. The only way to success is to dedicate yourself to do what you aim to do. You have to push yourself to the limit, makes up your mind, prepare your self and face the challenge. Remember, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”.

Here are some quote that I use to motivate my self:

“Train Harder and Grow Bigger” – 8x Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman 

“What we face may look insurmountable, but what I learned is that we are always stronger than we know” – 7x Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger

“What hurts today, Makes you stronger tomorrow” – 4x Mr. Olympia          Jay Cutler